Software Integration

We integrate our proprietary WMS to your ERP or software to provide order updates seamlessly across multiple systems.  Your order's process is as visible to you as it is to the people fulfilling them.

Let's cut straight to the chase, not everyone has the desire to be knee deep in creating an EDI cross reference table or coding away on an API to make the magic happen. 

That's what we're here for, we'll integrate your omni-channel order fulfillment into your marketplaces and your ERP or software of choice.  

Exchanging data electronically saves so much time for you, me, and the customers.  That's why we take the time on the front end to implement and test prior to launch.  Doing it right the first time so we can get to business right away.

A great example would be Wal-mart agreeing to to your RFQ for 10 new line items.  However, they just let you know there is a new requirement for you to accept orders and process shipments via EDI & ASN's, you don't have to stress here because you can count on us to make this happen.

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