Your orders will ship within 24 hours using the most cost effective means available

Shipping can cost upwords of 15% of your order value if you aren't careful.  Solid shipping rates can be obtained through leveraging larger shipper volumes.  You alone may not have the leverage to warrant those lower rates but we as a team do.

Whether it's parcel, LTL, or TL he/she who holds the volume holds the ability to negotiate lower rates.  

In principal the successful art of shipping or dispatch lies in the operation’s ability to have goods ready for departure just in time for carriers to load their trucks. The DC manager must therefor balance and forecast packing and dispatching according to carrier pick-up times. Goods that are ready too early, for example, will clutter staging areas, while dispatches that are late, will delay loading and potentially cause late deliveries.

As indicated, many firms resort to using their systems to release orders, for picking and packing in waves, aligned to specific delivery routes or carrier types.

Lesson: Avoid workflow jam and late deliveries by scheduling picking waves to align with carrier pick up times.

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