Receiving your inventory accurately and swiftly.  In your system ready to fill orders and ship within 12 hours (yes we're that good!)

The act of handling products into a warehouse and onto an order processing system.  This action is the first and potentially  most vital step in the order fulfillment process.  Here is why:

  1. If your product is not received in the proper unit of measure or "selling measurement" your inventory will be either over or understated resulting in a loss of sells and issuing a refund

  2. If the product is not inspected during the receiving process you may pay for damaged product or receiving items that are out of customer specifications

  3. If receiving wasn't timely and committed to stock you may lose sales since an item will show as 'out of stock'

The best practice in receiving products is via an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) from a supplier. With this information on systems, operators can scan consignment barcodes to bring up the ASN. If the delivery matches the ASN, then goods can be systematically-received.

At this point they are still in staging, albeit ready for put-away. Some systems allow for goods to be received into inventory at this point, whereas others require the goods to be delivered to a specific stock location before inventory is updated. This depends entirely on your requirements and how our systems are set up to communicate during the onboarding process.