Levels of Leadership-Staying Focused in Your Lane

There are many ways to dissect the varying layers of leadership. Leadership as a whole can happen at any level as we’ve all been taught in some of the formal leadership training we’ve been through and is widely debatable. However, for the sake of brevity let’s skip the debate and focus on how the job gets done. There are three levels of effective leadership

In strategic leadership the principal or board of principals focuses on looking ahead and navigating the flock (business) to determine the “where & why” the business heads in a direction. They themselves establish business “Policy” for the organization and are often considered visionaries. Traditionally they are looking ahead 2-5 years! What they are looking at is variable depending on their business but again, traditionally, in an organization they are looking for and vetting revenue generating opportunities within a given market.

Our tactical leaders are the protectors of the organization focusing on the “how”. This is where the “Procedures” comes from. The procedures are the translation of policy to execution and if not done properly can cause failure and without recourse could cause the organization to crumble. These tactical leaders are typically planning and looking ahead 3-18 months. They are looking ahead for potential failures that would cause procedures to falter, additionally they are looking forward to plan new policy implementation procedures.

Our operational leaders know how to organize resources to get the job done. This is where the “Execution” comes from. These leaders ensure they have the right resources and procedures to complete the objective. Herein lies the foundation for the entire organization and with poor leadership at this level, the organization will most certainly fail. This leader is looking ahead from 1-3 months to remove roadblocks so their ‘troops’ are able to complete the mission. They are the gate keepers to protecting the value-added procedures ensuring policy is maintained.

Again, just a high-level overview to help understand perspective of each level of roles and why it’s needed.

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